Day 155 –


Day 155:(20.44 miles)
mile 2355.48 – 2375.92

After a warm and dry night in the Urich Cabin we set out to make big miles so we could reach Snoqualmie in two days. The low cloud from yesterday sat above us and it seemed just a matter of time before it would rain. We prepared by hiking with our rain pack covers already on and our rain gear on the top of our packs. Sure enough it wasn’t long before it started to drizzle. On went the rain gear and we walked in “on again, off again” rain/ drizzle all morning. We had been on a slow climb in the Dark Forest just before noon when we were surprised by a cooler of sodas and three chairs.


Magic!! The rain had lowered our spirits, so the magic is just what we needed. Brock, Socks and Sugar joined us. We had a short bitch session about the the weather and concluded with, “it could be snowing”! We meandered through the day with not much of a view of anything because the cloud sat on us the whole day. Late in the day we were approaching Tacoma Pass and a forest road where we found another cooler with soda and Rainer beer. Being late in the day with the temperature dropping fast we opted to take a “soda to go”. The next place to camp was at the top of the pass, a 1500ft climb. We decided it was better to get it over today and be left with 27 miles to Snoqualmie. Up we climbed as the heaviest rain of the day began to come down. We reached the pass and tucked in between tall bushes and a few trees and put up the tent when the rain slowed for about ten minutes. We threw everything in our tent as quickly as we could unpack it from our bags, and just in time as it started to pour heavily.  By that time we were nearly frozen with teeth chattering.  We’ve noticed that the rain in Washington is different  from Oregon…it’s COLD and chills you to your core.  Huddling inside our tent we made hot meals and hot apple cider as the wind and rain raged outside. Even before we fell asleep the wind was gusting such that we thought our tent was going to blow over, but it held fast.
Our only problem was that after we had eaten, we both had to pee, but it was raining so hard we couldn’t risk going out for fear the interior would become soaked as well. This is going to be a rough night.

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3 Responses to Day 155 –

  1. Jody Kummer says:

    Since I was leaving town I had to estimate when you would get to the last mail stop, so I set the last package slowest mail possible so that it would arrive late enough that I would not have to worry about the 15 day hold policy. When I check the tracking it had arrive in less then a week after it was sent. which would mean they could send it back on the Thursday before you were scheduled to arrive. I called them ( which was not easy they don’t keep regular hours) please hold there package, fortunately they hold package longer then the official policy…phew I was worried.

  2. Farkels in the Mitten says:

    Deirdre! Paul! Boom! Bang! Rah! Rah! Rah! Looks like you crazy kids are extremely close to finishing your journey. What an accomplishment! Have to admit, we had our doubts at the beginning. So proud of you guys, and happy you didn’t kill each other along the way. 😉 Huge kudos to you!!!!!!! Love ya!

  3. Julie Elkins says:

    Dee and Paul, you two are amazing. Your photos are beautiful. I am envious! Keep on keeping on.

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