CDT: Silver City – Two Zeros

10/18: 13 mi

The morning of the 18th, I could barely walk, so I sat out the 13-mile remaining road walk to heal. Paul, Jan and Turbo Jesus (who was at the hostel, along with Chewy) completed that walk in less than 3 hours. According to Paul, they all practically ran it. Silly boys. During that time, I did find a coffee place (Javalina Coffee House), that served the best “dirty chai” I have ever had.

Javalina Coffee House

It was literally a 2-minute walk from the Hostel.

Silver City, especially the Historic Downtown area is a wonderfully walkable place.

Installations of art in the form of painted murals and tile mosaics can be found mounted, intertwined and/or integrated into/onto the exterior walls of buildings, fences and homes. It felt like a treasure hunt of sorts, as I made my way to the sporting goods store. Upon arrival at the Morning Star Sports store, I traded in my worn out Darn Tough socks. As a practice, they will graciously be your “advocate” with regard to Darn Tough’s “Lifetime Warranty”, and accept and replace your “un-hikeable” Darn Tough socks with new ones, from their store. You don’t really realize how bad your socks were until you put on a new pair. Other than that, Epsom salt soak, arnica oil, Advil and chocolate milk was the day’s protocol for healing. Beer and Burger (and salad) helped also. I also was able to catch up (a bit) on this blog, especially loading pictures. I mostly stayed off my feet…and ate. I can’t believe how hungry I still am. We (I) did hobble over to the Little Toad Creek Brewery & Distillery for dinner and beverages. After that, the pain in my foot/shin became even more muted.

10/19: “Chores miles”

The 19th was a full zero, that of course included chores. Laundry and resupply shopping was in order, as well as a much-needed haircut for Paul. (My hair, although mostly under a hat like Paul’s could wait till I got home.) One of the many benefits of staying at the Triple Crown Hostel is that Brandon (for a paltry fee of $5) will do your laundry for you. You throw your dirties in a laundry basket, which he provides, and it miraculously returns clean and odor free!

The vibe of this hostel is so inviting and “chill”, that it’s easy to see how and why people return to stay when they are in the area, and/or have a hard time leaving. For example, one of the thru-hikers who had completed the CDT had been at the hostel for well over a week and was trying to figure out what to do next. Other past thru-hikers return to visit. In fact, there is a gathering this evening in the courtyard. Music, pizza and beverages to follow. It is definitely a vortex…but a good one.

We, however, must leave first thing tomorrow morning, and begin our road walk to Lordsburg…after a stop at the Javalina Coffee House, of course! Our completion date has been set. Our son will meet us at the Southern Terminus the morning of October 26th. Seven more days! Incredible! It feels like a lifetime ago we started this trail.

8 days into the CDT. Now 8 days left!
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  1. Jan says:

    Oh u guys!!! What a journey!

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