Blogging 101, Day One: Introduce Yourself to the World

In an effort to improve my skill set with regard to blogging, I have enrolled in WordPress’s “Blogging 101”.  This of course is in line with my seemingly perennial habit of doing thing bass-awkward.  Let’s write an on-line blog (Is “on-line” redundant?) for 2 years and then learn actually how to navigate all the bells and whistles later.  Today’s lesson is supposed to include using “tags”, to help others like minded or interested to find one’s (my) site.  I am still not sure how/why to use them. Being a Luddite, I am more comfortable with ink on paper, but one can not deny the ease in which the fingers fall upon the keyboard (or thumbs, mostly in my case, via my phone).  At some point, I figure I’ve got to evolve and get with the times, if I am to tell a proper story in this day and age.  Hence my enrollment in BloggerU.  Imbedding better pictures, picture collages, videos and links to other sites will be experimented with.  Hopefully you will see an improvement in at least the aesthetic quality of 2moremiles in the days and months to come.  The writing, I’m not so sure, but stranger things have happened.  To think I hated English, (and writing papers) in school (at every level), for the thought of opening up oneself to critical evaluation, of ones thought process etched onto fiberous pulp, was nearly debilitating.  Not many teachers would/could follow my thread of thought, which probably resembled something more like a ball of tangled yarn, yet still one strand.  The irony being, is that my previous work life involved, nothing but, putting pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard) in the form of reports, manuals, books on procedural processes, opinion pieces, employee evaluations and legal documents.  Funny how life works.  So, now I write freely of outdoor travels and mis-adventures.  This began initially at the behest of friends and family, so they could keep track of us (my husband and I), laugh along with us, and to memorialize memories in the event that they fade unwittingly with age, or most likely in my case, dementia.  The moral of the story being, if we can do this (whatever “this” is)…anyone can.  We figure you can wonder all you want, or wander and find out, and that’s what we intend to do…until we can’t.  Life is to be lived with no regrets…for the most part.(I do regret not having bought Ford stock when it was $1.67.  But then that’s hard to do when you don’t have $1.67 to spare.).

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4 Responses to Blogging 101, Day One: Introduce Yourself to the World

  1. parobalth says:

    Hello, I have searched for the tag ‘blogging101’ because I haven’t done the assignment yet and wanted to know what other ‘Blogging 101 students’ write. It would have been difficult to find your post if you had not included the tag ‘blogging101’.

  2. Mike Milosch says:

    I enjoy your ball of tangled yarn.

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