Shasta City – Zero #22


Mt. Shasta Inn & Suites

Day 108: town miles

Awoke to the sound of rain today. Awesome.  We lucked out again! Glad to be in the hotel. Too bad it was only 6:30 am. Oh well we can’t seem to sleep in any more so up we go. Breakfast with real coffee and laundry are on top of the agenda today. We find both located nearly next door to each other so in with the wash and in to the cafe. We don’t look too strange wearing our only clean clothes – rain gear. We still get some looks because it’s 95 degrees outside and no one is in long pants or jackets. So much for being incognito. After our morning chores Paul gets new shorts and shoes he desperately needed at the local hiking store. We spend most of the day looking through our resupply box and watching TV. Staying off our feet is priority. Dinner will be at the Goat Tavern where the beer and hamburgers are highly recommended.

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