Day 110 – feeln shitty


Day 110: (10 miles)
mile 1522 – 1532

Today did not start as planned, as there was a repeat of Subway Cave.  This is NOT good.  Decision time.  Go back down the hill and see a doctor.  Stay at our current site for the day to see if this will pass.  Brush it off to the mocha and the heat and move on.  Those of you who know us probably figured what we did.  Brush it off of course!  My stomach is probably raw from the antibiotics… It will pass.  Three miles later, I have to stop as I have zero energy.  We take a break. I sleep for several hours.  At 4 pm, we decide to stay the night here until we realize we do not have the water we thought we did.  The next water is 9 miles. Awesome.  We pack up and begin to walk.  I feel a little better, but still not 100%. The air is cooler and will continue to cool as we hike.  We are betting that there will be good water before we walk the 9 miles as we have come across countless springs running across the trail.  Four miles in we come across a sign for a spring 1/3 mile from the trail.  Paul goes to check it out.  I take a seat to conserve energy.  Paul returns empty handed as the spring was more like a collection of bug infested cess pools.  Below us we pass several lakes, mocking us with their vast supply of easily filtered water, and no access.  If we were not on a mission for water and I had felt better, we would have stopped to admire the scenery.  I had decided in my mind that if the mountain bikers that we saw this morning on the PCT (they’re not allowed) came by us, I would yogi their water for passage on the trail.  Alas, they did not come by.  I was kind of looking forward to lighting those guys up. Seven miles in we get to a road and it’s getting dark, like headlights needed dark.  I have been on autopilot for three hours now.  Paul spies a sign nailed to a tree by the road and goes to check it out.  Spring, it says, .10 miles.  Should we check it out?  Paul heads down the steep side trail and says he’ll whistle if there’s water. A few minutes go by as I dig out my headlamp.  The sharp shrill of Paul’s whistle pierces the air.  He whistles again.  I acknowledge him by whistling back and begin down the trail.  Halfway down the trail I see Paul’s headlamp.  He tells me to drop my pack and just bring the water bottles.  Once to the spring, we drink freely. It’s icy cold flowing directly from a piece of angle iron piercing the rock from which the water is flowing.  Giant moths attack our headlamps…and we thought mosquitoes were bad.  We climb in the darkness back up the trail to the road.  We decide to pitch camp on a side spur where it appears others have set up before.  I still have the runs, but am now fully hydrated and am able to choke down a little food.  Amazingly I feel better than when I started this morning.  Hmm, probably it was dehydration, heat exhaustion of sorts from yesterday.  Tomorrow should be better.  Meanwhile poor Donna is ahead of us with a practically dead phone.  She had texted me when we were in Shasta City and asked if I could pick up a new data/charging cable for her iPhone 5s.  Unfortunately we were behind her…still and because I’ve been feeling not so good, haven’t been able to catch her.  I text her that we’re at mile 1530 and should catch up tomorrow, in hopes she still has a little power left. 

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  1. BeeKeeper says:

    I like to provide magic at this roadside campsite. Last year my timing was perfect as a hail storm had just started pelting hikers. I had a tarp to offer shelter, plus hot coffee and food.

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