Boat ride back to the trail

Day 68: (14 miles)

Slept in a bit…food coma again, but still up and packed in time to score breakfast and a boat ride back (actually nearer) to the trail that will intersect with the PCT.  The harder and faster we walk, the sooner to Mammoth.  We’re jonesing for a real bed, a shower (if not a jacuzzi) and new shoes.  Mileage today was fairly uneventful… Unless you count being caught in a thunder/lightning storm just as we came over Silver Pass…we have all the luck! 


Uh oh...look what we're walking into

It wasn’t too bad, in that the lightning was never that close and we really didn’t get wet, namely because it hailed tiny snow balls on us for about an hour as we worked our way down into the tree line.  We passed several JMT hikers on their way to VVR and finally camped at Lake Virginia.  Both our feet were screaming…especially our toes.  Awesome campsite out of the wind, but hard to get a good night’s sleep with the constant chorus of frogs, and believe it or not a bird or two, throughout the night.

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8 Responses to Onward…

  1. If you haven’t left mammoth yet make sure to check out Mammoth Brewery. It is the only brewery I have consistently liked or loved all their beers.

    • Dammit. Missed that one. Just means we have to go back…not hike in though. Have you guys started your trip yet?

      • We head to Yosemite Saturday. Our permit is for Monday the 23rd. Very excited but concerned about the “flying piranhas”! Lol great reference. We have bug jackets, figure they will be worth their weight. I hear your next section to Tahoe is an amazing one. I’m sure we will have a ton of your blogs to catch up on when we get back. Safe travels!

      • Enjoy your trip. Safe travels to you two as well. We head out from Sonora Pass today.

  2. Jody Kummer says:

    So you hiked, rode now boated the PCT through heat, snow and hail….you are having quite the adventure!

    • In Bridgeport with Terry…out of the wind…till tomorrow. It was looking and feeling a little snowy before Terry picked us up at Sonora Pass. Working on our resupply to get us to Echo Lake.

  3. sandykos says:

    As I sit here with my bionic-ness. I am yelling hoot hoot way to go, went dancing this week cast and walker, I still got it. With you two reaching 1000 mile mark, hoot hoot. Just two more miles.

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