Fun meter = 2


Day 36: (20 miles.. Road walk)
mile 478 – 517.6

During the night it rained, actually it sprinkled a bit but we were prepared and had our tarp erected…just in case.  Pancakes and coffee were on the menu this morning courtesy of trail angel Terri.  Once pictures were taken in front of the banner we had all signed, we were shuttled in groups back to the “trail” for one of three reroute options due to the Powerhouse fire closure of 42 miles of the PCT.  Burnt trees and high winds make for a dangerous walk. 


So a 20 mile road walk to Hiker Town was in order.  The road walk, for the most part was boring and hard on the feet and shins, however some of the sights along the way were interesting.


1920-30 boat trailer w/ rowboat


Gear head mailbox


Based on the ranches and dilapidated structures, this roadway at one time must have been popular and well traveled.  Unfortunately the 20mph headwind made it a laborious trek and the rain flurries at the end didn’t help either.  When we finally made it to hiker town, the gang was all there.  They liked the road walk just as much as we did.


Hiker town is a strange place and has been a hiker friendly stop for years. We were told that some famous biker gang guy lived here and would invite PCT hikes that passed by to stay the night.  He was a scary looking guy with a big heart. Not sure who owns it now.  There are several small buildings with Hollywood themes inside.


We stayed in the”Hotel” which had a western John Wayne theme bedroom. Other buildings were the post office, jail, florist, etc. 


There was also a large garage with a kitchen, shower and several large couches and lazy boy style chairs. This is where we hung out, ate dinner and socialized.  For 20 bucks we had our own room, a hot shower, access to a full kitchen and a great nights sleep. 

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