Cinco de Mayo


Day 35: (14.6 miles)
mile 463.4 – 478

Up early with Gear Slut, and off to make for Cinco de Mayo at the Anderson’s.  The night before we hiked till nearly 10pm as the temp and trail were perfect for night hiking…besides we had to burn off the food and beverages. 


We hit the first water cache (thank you trail angels) and cooked up some Via coffee and oatmeal. The path was easy to traverse and we were making pretty good time.  The trail wound through a semi wooded area sprinkled with poison oak so we had to pay attention…just a bit. 


Gear Slut and I

When we hit the second cache maintained by the Anderson’s we knew we were “home free” with only 7 miles to go.  We grabbed a soda each, sat a bit till we started to get cold, changed our socks and began the final trek to Casa de Luna, home of “Hippie Day Care” and a “must stop” for PCT thru hikers if not just to experience the ambiance and eat your fill of taco salad.  Of course the last 2 miles seemed to take forever.  However, we were graced with a ride in a “clown car”(you know he small little car at the circus where 10 clowns climb out of) just as we arrived at the road, otherwise it was another 2 miles to the Anderson’s house.


Five of us, including our packs, stuffed into a very small stick shift car made for an interesting ride. 



Luckily it had a sun roof, which for all practical purposes was the deciding factor that allowed us to “fit”.  We arrived at Casa de Luna and selected a Hawaiian shirt (required attire) from a rack of nearly 100 hanging from a rack in the front yard. After we had selected and set up our sleeping area from over 40 campsites carved out in their expansive backyard, we joined the festivities. 


Chinese Rock, Carlos, Beowolf, Monsoon




About 20 other hikers, many we knew or had met previously on the trail were staying there as well.  Bear in mind that all the festivities take place on/in the Anderson’s front yard and driveway.  At first we wondered what their neighbors thought, but then they’ve been doing this for nearly 15 years so I expect it’s like living next to the train tracks…eventually you get used to them and/or tune them out.  Luckily most hikers are down for the count by 9pm.

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