Ironing things out

So Wrinkle #4 is taken care of , and it appears that Wrinkle #2 – our son’s sleeping bag issue has worked it’s way out. He was able to actually pick one up, and the size he needed at REI. Previously it was not available, nor would it be available till after we left, but as it turns out, the Tustin store restock shipment arrived early. Yeah! A nice and timely surprise. That leaves us with Wrinkles #3 (snow and weather) and #1 (opening of Tioga Road). Neither of which we could do anything about…today, so a walk about the town of Mammoth, to include picking up our Wilderness Permit was in order. Of course we couldn’t help but drop into Mammoth Moutaineering Supply on our way to the permit office, to check on microspike availability for purchase or rental in the event the girl’s spike didn’t arrive in time. Once there, we couldn’t help but take advantage of the sale on our Hoka Challenger ATR’s. Anytime we can find these shoes on-sale, we grab them to have for quick and easy replacement. Sandy was even “converted” to Hoka’s. We continue on our merry way, and pick up our permit without incident, or modifications to our starting location. Whilst there I am roped into a photo op with the Easter Sierra – Sierra Nevada Conservancy who needed a marketing photo of their aide showing/discussing, map/route options with a hiker. I am told, I may be on a gondola!

Determined to circumnavigate the town of Mammoth, we of course have to stop in at the Mammoth Brewing Co. for some tasty brews and a few rounds of Cornhole.

Sandy kicked my ass the first round , and I had a miraculous comeback with a double Cornhole (equivalent of a hole in one…twice) for the win against Rob, a semi-local who shared his local fishing secrets (thankfully before I beat him). There we ran into a few PCT hikers who were more than a little tired of walking in snow. I shouted a burger for “Amanita” (a red topped mushroom with white spots) also known as Randy from Missouri, who is a Nutritionist, and who did the AT (Appalachian Trail) last year. He looked like he needed to put a few pounds on. Rob shouted the beers. Eventually it was time to walk off our libations, and head for home.

Tomorrow we see if Tioga Pass is really going to open, and iron out Wrinkle #1 once and for all!

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