This should be interesting

‘Tis hiking season once again, and we are lucky and a little daft enough to attempt a week long trip into the Sierras from Agnew Meadows (following the PCT and hooking up onto the JMT), over Donahue Pass, down into Tuolumne Meadows, across to Cloud’s Rest (or Half Dome if we get a “walk-in” permit as we were unsuccessful in the lottery), and a final descent into Yosemite Valley just in time for the Memorial Day Holiday kick-off. All this with snow on the ground (and apparently more snow in the forecast). Does it get any better? In trolling this years PCT hiker blogs, we have noticed even with having only an “average” snow year, this year’s PCT hikers are avoiding the Sierras, as supposedly it is “too soon”, and/or “too dangerous” to attempt the stretch from Kennedy Meadows to Yosemite. I willadmit, that when we did the PCT in 2014, we didn’t enter the Sierra’s till May 21st, having waited out a three day blizzard that dropped 8 feet of snow 8000 ft and above! This year, many have split off to do other side trips…waiting for the snow to melt. We on the other hand are NOT good at waiting, and we don’t mind walking on snow…now. With practically everything above 9,000 ft coated with snow, switchbacks will most likely be unnecessary, especially if one is particularly adept at reading topo maps, which we always take. We never rely on electronics to figure out where we are and where we are going, although we will “fire up” Half-Mile’s” app for extra added efficiency. Ideally we would have preferred mid June or so, but this week is the only time our son has off in which to hike. At least we won’t have to do battle with mosquitoes.

To insure an excellent adventure, as well as increase the degree of difficulty… and of course, Adventure with a capital A, our son’s girlfriend, her sister and mother will ALL be joining us. Did I mention that for all practical purposes they are “novices” to the world of back packing, or more importantly to the world of 2MoreMiles and our misadventures? Luckily the three of them are fit, wonderfully natured and game for anything.

Let it be known, however, that we gave them fair warning, for as we were going over tent erecting 101, as well as how and what to pack, I made sure to mention that on our adventures Murphy’s Law is alive and well, and that Mother Nature is particularly bitchy toward us. This would explain why it has suddenly decided to snow over the weekend, and thundershower in the middle of our week long hike. That’s okay Mother Nature, and Mr. Murphy, we have come to expect and prepare for your hijinx.

Stay tuned…the adventure is about to begin.

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4 Responses to This should be interesting

  1. BeeKeeper says:

    My first thought, oh I want to go. Second thought, misadventures . . . I shan’t every forget the Whitney chute ordeal that we lived to tell about and now which had become our epic tale.

    • We still “laugh” about that… an epic event for sure. FYI the road to Agnew Meadows is closed, so we have an unexpected hike to do, plus it’s snowing around Donahue pass right now. A couple of guys told us snow shoes would be nice to have…another extra wrinkle. stay tuned!

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