Day 23 (32k = 20 miles)
Leon – Villavante

Be careful what you wish for, because it may come true.  Flat is not necessarily the best. 

This past week from Burgos to Leon and our present location has been anything but exciting both in events (which is actually good considering our track record) and scenery.  Today wheat fields became cornfields that rustled in the light breeze that we were blessed with.  As with everyday before it, we went from pavement to dirt road/trail, to pavement and back again.  It was in many ways pleasant bit also tortuous.  We called it penance and wondered what we had done to deserve this.

As we walked we made some observations about Spain.
1.  All the property, whether it be a house, business,or even vacant lot is always boarded up like Fort Knox with fencing and alarms. No one has been able to explain why.
2.  Their parks, town picnic areas and rest stops have NO Restrooms, not even a port-o-potty.
3.  During daylight, it seems that the only things that are consistently open are the bars…which serve coffee, and beer (often in wine glasses, and both very good)
4.  There seems to be no real speed limit…or cops for that matter.
5.  At 0730 in the morning, and sometimes as late as 0900 you can walk down the middle of what should be a busy street.  Hell, you could lay in it!
6. Spain apparently has not gotten the memo that gluten is BAD for you, as bread (savory bread) is served at EVERY meal.
7. The interior of EVERY church we have been in is colorful and ornate.
8. We have NOT had a bad bottle of wine, even the 3€ or less wines (well with the exception of one…that we didn’t buy)
9. Everyone in Spain appears to be happy.
10. I think I could live here.

Buen Camino!
Be Strong! Austin Strong!

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