Day 14 (25 k)
Agés – Burgos

Frankly I can’t remember crap from this day (visually), with the exception of seeing a fox (the furry animal type) and walking and talking with Melie all the way into Burgos.

We were so engrossed in conversation that we completely missed our turn for the river route and walked the original trade route through the commercial outskirts of town and along side bustling cars and work vans scurrying about in the middle of the afternoon.  Going from quiet rolling countryside that oozes calm in every way and then confronted with blanched concrete and mechanical noises finally broke our “trance” of conversation.  Seems there was a definite reason for us to walk and talk with each other.  God’s plan is surely a tricky one sometimes.  Our plan on the other hand, having missed the river walk, was to greet Paul, Sue and Jerry at the apex of the river and the entrance to the city of Burgos with a beer or two.  Ah, you know what they say about beat laid plans…we had no idea where the river route came out.

So plan “B”.

I go with Melie as she checks into her hotel (El Cid). She has an awesome view of the Burgos Cathedral.  After a bit of effort and some texting I leave Melie at a bar, promising to be right back finally meet up with the gang at our hotel.  After a much needed nap (sorry Melie) and a shower we head out to see the sights.  Before I had left Melie at her hotel arrangements had been made to get together with several other peregrinos we have been “running” with for Birthday celebrations.


We meet them for Tapas and Sangria, which was more like a “Burgos” Ice Tea.


The evening ended with hot chocolate (rich hot pudding in a cup) and churros.


Sleep came easy…even with the sugar.
Tomorrow we stay another night and play tourist with Sue and Jerry.

Buen Camino
Be Strong! Austin Strong!

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