Day 12

Day 12 (25.26 K)
Santo Domingo – Belorado

A not so early morning starts and we are walking with the herd through the damp streets of Santo Domingo, of which we could have spent at least another day. 


It is COLD, but the forecast calls is “iffy” on rain.  We hope the “iffy” is in our favor.  As we walk out of town, the wind is gusting, so much so that has it not been for the railing on the bridge I would have been blown off and swimming in 3 ft of water.  The skies are foreboding but we are treated to a brilliant rainbow.


While we walked the 26k into Belorado, Sue and Jerry caught a bus the next town over as the wind was too harsh and Sue was once again in jeopardy of being blown away.


We braved the wind and eventual rain, arriving in Belorado mostly dry with squishy wet feet.


We have made reservations, and after a bit of wandering through the town of Belorado, we find out Bavarian Esq albergue.  Our bunk room is on the top floor with a sagging yet stable thick beamed white plastered roof.  We dry our clothes and shoes on the roof and wander back into town in search of a market for tomorrow’s lunch…and a tall beer.  We find both, and Melie (from Florida) and catch up.


We join with several other peregrinos we have been leapfrogging and share stories as well and make plans to meet up Burgos.

Buen Camino!
Be Strong! Austin Strong!

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