Rest for the weary

Navarette 0 Km


Today was a day of relaxation… Of actual sleeping in and not having to pack in order to walk to our next destination.  Today we enjoyed a leisurely breakfast after church, like regular people.  The only thing is that we didn’t understand about 90% of what was said, but we got the point.  Pictured above is a portion of the interior of the church in Navarette.  It is told that it has the most gold adorned retablo in all of Europe.  At the time of its completion in the 13 hundreds it was the primary seat of government. As a general rule, the more ornate the interior of the churches the more wealthy the benefactors and/or the more significant the site.  We are in the province of Rioja, which is know for its wines.  While at our albergue we are treated to some fabulous wine from Angel’s fathers vineyard.  His father makes about 2000 liters of wine and sells none of it.  He makes it for his family, friends and the pelegrinos who stay at their albergue.  I asked him who consumes more of it.  “Our family and friends, for sure”, he laughs. 

Buen Camino!
Be Strong!  Austin Strong!

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  1. We stayed in Navarette and went to the Church there so it is lovely to see a better picture than the one I got! It is an incredible display of wealth/power! Buen Camino!

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