Daze like this


Today was as long, if not longer than we expected.  We went through so many que lines, I felt like a mouse in an elaborate maze looking for cheese.

Too many people too many shoes too many escalators ( 12 to be exact…those of you who know me, know I have an issue with them).  The near  24 hour travel day culminated with a Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride (via rental car) to our hotel in Toulouse, France to stage for some touristy type activities before we begin the Camino.  

All was good after a beer at the Thirsty Monk Pub conveniently located next to our hotel, and a pantomime dinner at ‘Meet the Meat’ restaurant in wobbly distance from our hotel/Pub. The service and food was so good we had no room for desert. We will come back for desert tomorrow night, but now it is time to retreat to the comfort of sleeping horizontally, and a toothbrush from which to remove the uncomfortable fuzzy glaze that has managed to coat my teeth during today’s extended travel.

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