Day 136 – Sisters to Bend


Day 136: (4.2 miles)
mile 1984.4 – 1989.6

The air was moist and misting when we awoke.  It was not rain that was causing the overall dampness, but the low ceiling of a cloud was resting upon the ridge line we were about to traverse.  We started with full rain gear and gloves and it was cool enough that we saw our breath.  The trail was mostly even or downhill as we walked toward Lava Camp and the highway. 


“Lava Camp” should have been a clue for the last 2 miles was nothing but large chunks of lava rock that shredded our shoes. Once at the highway we got lucky once again and got a hitch right away from “Rock” who although was traveling in the opposite direction turned his VW westfalia around and gave us a ride.  Rock has been trail angeling along the trail since Campo and was in the area helping hikers get into town, as this hwy is known to be a hard hitch.  Rock took us to REI, and then to Albertson’s.  From there we walked 2 blocks to the Red Lion, which but for the grace of God had a room left for the night.  Seems we inadvertently timed our trip into Bend with the Bend Brew Fest ( an event I have attended before), and reasonably priced rooms were sparse.


Shower, laundry and three packed resupply boxes mailed (thanks to Sue who kept her shop open till we had packed and addressed our boxes), we inhaled a pizza, salad and some beer at the Round Table Pizza across from our hotel.  Now for a good night’s sleep.

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4 Responses to Day 136 – Sisters to Bend

  1. Dennis Phelan says:

    glad you are enjoying your hike. Sorry for the rain, but I wouldn’t you guys going back to California without experiencing some Oregon sunshine.

  2. Luie from Seattle says:

    What happened to you? Are you stuck in Bend? I have been following for months and now you have disappeared. You are still on pace for two more miles?

    • Seems that Verizon and WiFi was not as plentiful as we thought. We are in Washington taking a zero after walking over a marathon to get to someplace dry. Many posts to follow as we have decent WiFi for the moment. Thanks for following.

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