Day 116 – reunion

Feeling better this morning, but I am torn between wanting to give it one more day for things to come together and to get feeling better than 80%, and just going for it.  80% is way better than I was when I was hiking sick.  Decisions. Decisions.  Paul’s patience is definitely waining.  He’s a plan guy and wants to know what the plan is the night before for the next day.  Unfortunately I can’t give him a definitive answer from which to plan for, as it depends…hence his frustration and mine.  As luck would have it we had a knock on our motel room door this morning and it was Tortuga!  Tortuga lives in Etna and had gotten in late last night.  His wife Theresa (aka. Bat Shit Crazy Mama) knew we were in town, told Tortuga, so Tortuga stopped by while dropping off Moxie, an ER nurse in Lake Arrowhead (kinda our neck of the woods)at the motel room next door.  We got to talking and he offered for us to stay at his house tonight.  His plan is to get back on the trail tomorrow morning.  It’s amazing how things just fall perfectly into place, as this was obviously a sign of what to do.  We are truly blessed.  We accepted his offer.  We have a plan. Tomorrow we’ll make a go of it, and his wife will drop us off at the trailhead.  We head over to the bakery again with Tortuga and Moxie.  At the bakery is Tortuga’s wife and Roy and Sarah, the Israeli couple we met in Sierra City.  They are getting breakfast and then Theresa is taking them to the trail.  We talk about our trail experiences and snake encounters and people we’ve seen on the trail.  Once satiated with cinnamon rolls we head back to the motel and pack up.  While at the motel we decide to download Guthook’s maps for Oregon and Washington for access to more detailed maps, trail exits and town stops/options.  We load up into Tortuga’s car and are off, but not before running into Glitter and a band of other hikers just getting into town.  They are headed to Bob’s Ranch house for some serious food.  Tortuga stops to tell them to meet us at 5pm at the brewery for burgers and beers.  Tortuga lives about 4 miles outside of town on a beautiful piece of property.  We are greeted by a rambunctious yellow lab that is so excited to see new people that it’s everything we can do to get out of the car.  Tortuga tells us that the lab is his daughter’s, and they’re dog sitting.  We later get our “dog fix” and throw the ball for the lab until he’s exhausted. 


Dinner at the brewery was excellent, as was the company.  My appetite is back and the plan is after breakfast tomorrow morning we hit the trail…with about 10 other hikers.  It should be only three days to Siead Valley where we pick up our resupply, then three days t Ashland and hello Oregon!

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6 Responses to Day 116 – reunion

  1. Mike Milosch says:

    We feel for u Dee we hope that by the time you get to Crater lake u can eat the cookies we sent to a store that was listed as a pick up for the p t

  2. Jody Kummer says:

    When you get to Siead Valley that is where we spent our summers salmon fishing…glad things are looking up.

  3. Carl Lifeguard San Clemente says:

    Glad to hear you are feeling better! Hiked today on the PCT between Echo and Aloha Lake and ran into 3 separate groups of through hikers. Thought it was a little late for them, but they said the John Muir section was beautiful. We performed some trail magic for a poor guy whose resupply box with new shoes didn’t arrive at Echo. Poor guy…so we treated him to all extra food and strawberry shortcake! Paying it forward for all of the people who have been your angels!

  4. jbuchin says:

    Hi you guys, I hope the ground cloth arrived in time. I sent it that day but unfortunately everything goes up to Portland before back tracking down south.

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