Day 113, 114, 115 – rehab

I’m combining these three days into one post as they were pretty much all the same.  I’ve been holed up in a hotel room, watching way too much TV, catching up on the blog and waiting for my insides to get their shit together… literally.  Two nights in Yreka, and now two nights in Etna.  Each day has gotten better.


Dr. Gary was kind enough to drive us to Etna, and was truly a Godsend for us.  I am able to eat actual food and keep it down. 


Last night we went to the Etna brewery, which has a great history.  This was a little bit of torture for me as I cannot consume any alcohol while on Flagyl, but Paul can, and did. 


The entrance to Etna



The Museum that once was the Fire house

Today I felt even better and was getting cabin fever, so we wandered the streets of Etna.  Our wandering led us to the local bakery where we helped clean out the last few donuts, the high school pool where we watched silly swim relays during the local swim team’s workout (we were checking to see if they had lap swim hours),


Peggy and Linda

and perused the local museum run by the Native Daughters of the Golden West and spoke with Peggy and Linda who were a wealth of information about the local area.  Before heading back to the Etna Motel, we stopped by the Alderbrook Manor B&B, which also has a Hiker Hut. 


Frank, inside the Hiker Hut, who cleans up nicely

There we found Frank, who was excited to see us.  Acorn and Estero, as well as a few other hikers we hadn’t met previously were there as well.  We talked with Frank for some time and then said our goodbyes, but not before confirming that we could get a ride up the “hill” back to the trail for $5 a head. Perfect.  If everything goes well, we may be back on the trail tomorrow. 

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  1. Rosanna Lippe says:

    Soooooo glad you are feeling better, Dee!!!!!

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