Day 106 – McCloud


Tiger lillies line parts of the trail

Day 106: (20 miles)
mile 1461.4 – 1481.4

Today we are trying for big miles so as to set ourselves up for a morning climb tomorrow rather than a late afternoon one in searing heat. The heat is once again stifling.  I’m not sure whether I am still sick or it’s just the heat. I’m still taking the antibiotics, but am not improving as I had hoped.  80% has dropped to 70% energy levels now.  Donna is feeling the heat as well.  Paul is relatively unaffected.  We reach Ash camp where Ash creek and the McCloud river collide and take a swim.  The McCloud was milky brown, as they must have just done a release from the dam above, but Ash creek was crystal clear.  We wait out the heat of the day and ponder how many more miles to push for…8 or 10?  Its up hill, sorta. We begin the push. 


Along the way we run into Ms. Frizzle who is heading southbound.  She had hitched up to Castella to watch the World Cup final with friends and was going to Old Station where she’ll hitch back up to Castella and head northbound again.  We ask her two things: Who won the World Cup and any campsites up ahead?  She tells us Germany won in OT, and about 2-3 miles are “campsites”.  Excellent, as we favored Germany and I’m bushed and not sure I can push anymore.  Paul on the other hand is like the energizer bunny.  He keeps going and going. We finally come to an abandoned road spur that will settle for campsites.  We made 6 of the 10 we had intended.

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