Day 105 – Chewbacca

Day 105: ( 20 miles)
mile 1441.44 – 1461.44

We awake to a cool morning.  It appears that we chose our campsite location well, for if we had gone another 100 feet we would already be baking in the heat of the sun.  Since we had Donna ditch her water bladder in favor of two plastic liter bottles, and her pack design did not allow for her easy access or grasp of the bottles, so all yesterday I had to fetch her water for her.  Today she will be self sufficient as we came up with a rigging system for frontal water access.


It’s amazing what one can do with a spare shoelace, duct tape and a carabiner…good to go!  Off we tread. I’m feeling so, so, but better than two days ago. 


Today we walk a ridgeline and have a peek at Mt. Shasta. The trail weaves through stark logged area and lush forest.  Today I see the largest buck ever, and wonder what hunting zone this would be.  The scenery is picturesque. 


The signage for the PCT strikes us as unique but effective. As it is stifling hot, we guzzle hungrily at every new water source.  We had planned to water up at the last source (Alder creek) and hike another 2 more miles, but by the time we located, collected and filtered the water we were running out of daylight and frankly energy so we pitched camp on the dirt road leading to the “creek”.  Once fully set up, I walked up the road further back toward the trail we had come in on and saw “No Trespassing ” signs hammered high on a tree leading to where we had camped. 


Awesome…we are criminals now.  I announce our infraction to Paul and Donna.  Their response…oh well, and go back to prepping dinner.  Before we crawl into our tents we hear loud “Chewbacca” noises. Sasquatch? Bear? Grouse? Squirrel on steroids? Seeing as it appears to be coming from the bushes and then up in the tree limbs, we think it might be grouse.  Once we have WiFi we’ll google the noise.  Hope we are right.  This theory however does not keep us from waking up with a start to loud crashing noises in the woods on either side of us. The “Chewbacca” sounds go on most of the night.   By morning we thankfully, have not been attacked but have decided that the next time we hear that sound we will seek out it’s source and bonk it on the head so we can get some sleep!

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