Day 100


Day 100: (22 miles)
mile 1239.86 – 1261.86

Not much to report today.  The trail was pretty easy for the most part.  The weather is definitely heating up. The battery on the phone is pretty low and we hope we can charge it up in Draksbad, at the resort.  Prior to making it to the resort we smell sulfur and then see a side trail to a geyser.  We don’t take the side trip as we’ve seen bubbling sulfur pools and thermal areas at Yellowstone and in New Zealand, and don’t want to walk any farther than we need to today…or any day for that matter. 


Paul breaking the rules...

The trail runs by Boiling Springs Lake…definitely a non-swimming lake.  We know we must be close to Draksbad and/or the campground as we begin to see people of all shapes and sizes on the dusty silty trail stepping carefully so as not to dirty up their white tennis shoes or colorful Nikes.  We nod and tromps on by to peculiar looks and some nods of understanding that we are PCT thru-hikers on a mission for something cold to drink…preferably beer.  We reach Draksbad after a circuitous route and discover a pod of hiker trash lounging in the dirt, in the shade of the pines next to the dining area of the resort.  There are stickers and signs on the structure seemingly indicating they are PCT hiker friendly, but find it more like, tolerated.  We purchase two 4 dollar bottles of “original” Coors in short “old school” bottles, (only because we have been jonesing for one all morning) and it’s perfectly cooled to the recommended temp of 45 degrees…finally!  We sit out the heat of the day talking with the other hikers with some looks of bewilderment by the resort’s patrons.  A musclebound body builder type guy, all tan and greased up makes a point to walk around by us with his undersized tank top in his hand.  Our thought was, if you don’t plan on wearing your shirt, why are you carrying it?  We break from the vortex of the shade and get back to the trail.  Our destination for the evening is Twin Lake for an evening swim and a good nights sleep.  We make it to the lake, having covered 22 miles today.  I’m toast and not feeling particularly well, possibly a little heat exhaustion.  Good thing its cooler and there is plenty of water here.


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