Halfway Mark


Day 99: (16.98)
mile 1322.88 –  1339.86

Today was a big day.  We made it to, and past, the halfway mark of the PCT, and now there is no turning back.  For the first time we are closer to Canada than Mexico.  Hurray!  Luckily Ms. Frizzle passed us with about a mile to go before midpoint so when we arrived she was able to take our picture. 


We signed the registry and decided to hitch into Chester for a soda and a shake to celebrate, as well as to do laundry, charge the phone and take a shower.  It took a little longer than our “normal” to get a ride as there were 4 other thru-hiker trying to hitch to town as well once we made it to Hwy 36.  However, 30 minutes later we were able to score a ride from a couple (who a contractors with the Forest Service to study woodpeckers) who had just dropped off another hiker and were going to head back into town.  Once in town (7.5 miles) we have them drop us at the coin laundromat/shower, which is across the street from an awesome (but slow) burger and shake place. We clean up. Charge up and add to our snacks supply for the next 4 days (hiker hunger…ate most of them from our resupply two days ago) and begin our hitch back to the trail.  As luck would have it, we get a ride to the trail from trail angel Mohawk Lisa who was heading home from work.  We load up into her truck and up to the trail we head.  She tells us she is one of the trail angels that helps maintain the cache at the Chester trailhead (with “Tooth Fairy”… town dentist), and picks up hikers to town…and back.  She introduced herself as “Mohawk Lisa”.  Paul being the wise guy that he is asks her, why do they call you Mohawk Lisa? She looks at him like “seriously? “, and we all break into laughter. 


She asks our trail names, and I tell her that the wise guy next to me is Just Paul, and I’m One Speed.  ” Really fast One Speed, right? “, she asks.  I wish.  After a bit of conversation… we were stalling as its always hard to get back started again, even if this was just a four hour town trip…we start back on the trail.  The tread is easy, but our packs are a bit heavier which we will remedy in a few days.  We make another five miles till it starts to rain. Mohawk Lisa warned us of a 30% chance of thunder showers.  It just became 100%.  No worries, as we are prepared and find an acceptable place to pitch our tent.  Still full from town food, we unpack and set off to sleep.  At least the rain will temper the dusty trail and we’ll stay ” clean…er”, at least for tomorrow.

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21 Responses to Halfway Mark

  1. Earl Williams says:

    Heartiest congratulations !!!

  2. BeeKeeper says:

    So exciting. HUGE milestone! Talk about town efficiency, you rocked it and didn’t take any views bait. Go team 2 miles!

  3. Mike says:

    HOORAY for you. Years ago we stayed a week at lake almanor and loved it. In another life I fought fire in the Quincey area, beautiful big trees. Half way, must be all down hill, right.

  4. Farkels in the Mitten says:

    Way to go, you two!! So happy for you. Had our doubts at the beginning of your trek (as you must have also) as to whether you’d last a month. So amazed your knees, legs and backs have held up so well, ‘cuz you’ve done a hell of a lot of walkin’/pack carryin’. Anywho, it’s all downhill from PCT midpoint, right.?!? Keep on trekkin’. Love ya!

  5. jimmyandpatti says:

    Way to go! It’s all downhill from here on out…except for a couple hilly spots in WA. Let us know if you need anything at PCT Mile 2000.

  6. Carl Lifeguard San Clemente says:

    You two are amazing! Just saw all of your 20+ days. Congratulations on reaching past the half way mark!

  7. Lori says:

    You two are such an inspiration, especially sitting here in the Cherney House. Sitting, not walking! Have so enjoyed your posts. Happy trails~

  8. Eileen Gathas says:

    Wow seems like the miles are going so fast…I know not for you two, but Congrats!! I hope it’s all down hill like your friends are saying but I doubt it. Love to read your posts going to leave Sat for my own adventure Eurail through Southern France and Northern Italy. Looking forward to catching up when I get back. Take care.

  9. Eddie V says:

    Paul and Dee Just joined up on your blog. What an inspiration you guys are. I’ve had the dream to do the PCT for over 10 years…just had a total hip replacement last week. Still want to do it with the new hip in a few years. Trevor did great up at LG Training. A chip off the old block. So proud to know you guys. -ed vodrazka-

  10. Pam....doheny camp host says:

    I congratulate you both. It is such a joy to read about your adventures. God bless you with health, safety, joy, further delightful adventures and SUCCESS on the second half!

  11. George McKee says:

    I would like to ask you now that you have made it half way if you are still finding this an exhilarating experience? Do you have days where you just want to get to the end of the day and set up the tent? Are there days where the hiking just seems like a task? Or do you still find in each day something new and wonderful? Is this still the experience of a lifetime? Your honesty is appreciated.

    • Yes. Yes. Yes, but its always better than the alternative…not being on this adventure. Sometimes the trail is laborious, but everyday we discover something new. Yes, it is still the experience of a lifetime on so many levels.

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