Grazing the day away


One seriously stinky and a sail, shirt

Day 20: (0 trail miles)

We are “Cowgirl” camping today. The difference between Cowboy and Cowgirl camping is where you get to put your boots.  Cowboy camping your boots are at eye level next to your bed and Cowgirl camping your boots fit under the bed.  While this Cowgirl would love five star digs, Motel 6 had everything we needed…bed (under which to park our boots), a shower with soap and clean towels, a heater and a TV to check on the rest of the world (nothing much has changed… they still haven’t found that darn Malaysian plane). We awoke to unique sounds coming from next door. It sounded like someone meditating loudly…an unlikely and oxymoronic combination…OOOOHHHMMM. ArrrOOOOHHHMMM.  This went on for about 15 minutes.  Maybe Papa Smurf’s wouldn’t have been so bad.  At least we got an extra hour or so of sleep.  On the list of things to do today were EAT, shop for next week’s food, EAT, rest our feet, update our blog (as we have some family members going through serious withdrawals), laundry, and oh ya, EAT.  The getting to fresh food for breakfast was a little tricky and required laundry to be done first thing.  Luckily Motel 6 has a laundry facility on site. What is tricky is the fact that we don’t carry extra “town clothes” and had nothing really to wear while washing let alone get to the laundry area (Motel 6 towels are quite small).  Paul being the trooper, volunteered and donned his “clean” long johns and sleeping shirt.  An hour and a half later we were sitting at the Lumberjack Cafe devouring a hearty breakfast. 


Next was how to get to Big 5 for fuel, Von’s for food (and a Starbucks Chai Latte) and CVS for KT tape (Pro).  Hmmm. Call Papa Smurf? Take the bus? Hitch hike?  Decisions. Decisions.  We decided to be adventurous and attempted a hybrid method…we would stand near the bus stop across the street AND hitchhike.  Which ever arrived first we would take.  5 minutes later we had our ride…hitchhiking!  We scored BIG!  A local guy “Chris” who was on his way to “burn some time” with his dog Sugar before he had to go to work at 2pm pulled over and offered to take us where we needed to go. (Wish we would have taken his picture). Chris essentially was our personal “town/trail” angel.  He was extremely gracious, exuded positive energy, and was wealth of information.  He’s an avid hiker as well and hopes to be able to thru hike the PCT someday.  We talked about the local area and terrain; his grandma who was a movie star in the “old days” who recently died at age 91 and played us a song she had sung on an old radio show;  His years on Kauai with his band; and his current and local gold mining.  Chris went so far as to wait for us at Big 5 and Von’s, make a side trip to CVS, AND take us back to our motel…expecting, and asking for nothing in return. People like this restore our faith in humanity. 


It also appeared that we outwitted Mr. Murphy and his wife Mother Nature by zeroing today.  While it rained for most of the afternoon we were tucked nicely in our warm and dry room. Booya!


The day finished off with a delicious 14″ pizza, beer and salad at “No Name Pizza”… We will definitely be back next ski season!

We ate so much today, I think my inny is now an outy. We can’t remember the last time we have eaten so much good food.  The truth is that you just can’t carry enough food (at least we’re not willing to carry the weight) to match the calories you’re burning. 


6 days worth of food

All packed up and ready to tackle the next 100 miles.

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