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Bonanza! We made it!

We lollygagged the morning away, and in fact most of the early afternoon, which when we first looked at our itinerary we thought would be an unbearable feat.  Nope.  Easy-peasy.  We woke up leisurely, and drank the remainder of our … Continue reading

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Sheep Camp

Once we were done with Canyon City, it was time to head toward Sheep Camp, a mere 4.8 miles away. We knew we had some climbing to do and that we would pass another camp, called Pleasant Camp. We were … Continue reading

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Here we go… Again

Time for another adventure. This time we are off to Alaska. The last frontier. Home of swarming hummingbird size mosquitoes, large mammals with sharp teeth (and claws), vibrant ecosystems, tasty and often massive fish and crustaceans, dramatic landscapes, ridiculous beauty … Continue reading

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