A 7 day trek through Glacier National Park Day 7 (TMC- East Glacier)

We awoke to smokey skies and more than hazy views. The morning’s sunrise had a distinct red hue to it. The air had an unpleasant taste to it reminiscent of the less than healthy air quality of my youth. Nevertheless, we had a “hill” to climb and 10 miles back to East Glacier, and the air-conditioning of Looking Glass Base Camp for the afternoon/evening.

We marched “silently” through the campground and prepped our breakfasts at the picnic area near the Two Medicine backcountry ranger office.

This day included little conversation, with the exception of marveling of how lucky we were to have caught Dawson Pass before the smoke invaded the Two Medicine area.

We did however manage to miss a turn of the “redline” and walk down…and then back up again an extra mile. A perfect end to a perfect jaunt through Glacier National Park, and the start of our SOBO adventure on the CDT.

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