And You Do That On Purpose?!

Our itch to complete the Continental Divide Trail (CDT) is about to be scratched. After completing two “marriage testy” projects that took waaay longer than intended, and a “lightning round” of packing, we are all packed up and on our way to where we left off last year. Leadore, Idaho.

From Leadore, we’ll put our truck in storage, and our buddy Mike will pick us up and drive us to Glacier National Park. With any luck during an early morning visit to one of three Glacier National Park backcountry ranger offices, we’ll have a reasonable itinerary that has us starting at the Canadian border (Chief Mountain) and heading fully SOBO on the CDT.

The plan is to hike from Chief Mountain to Leadore, and then drive to Rawlins. (We completed Rawlins to Leadore, NOBO on the CDT in 2020) Once in Rawlins, we’ll put our truck in storage and continue SOBO all the way to the Mexican border, finishing at the monument at Crazy Cook Corner.

God willing our intended adventure will be devoid of Injury; Unpassable Weather and/or Event(s); and more importantly, a Family Emergency. Any one of these would send us home, as was the case last year.

Physically, we feel better prepared than last year. We’ve been training consistently for 12 weeks, increasing distance, pack weight, and adding strenuous hills and stairs. We completely overhauled our diet, and have each lost last year’s average leaving town pack weight (30 lbs). We are curious to see how we will fair being significantly “lighter” on our feet. I can’t say that we really reduced our actual pack weight…but we tried. What can I say, we pack for “Murphy’s Law”, of which our adventures tend to attract.

Most people’s idea of an outdoor adventure is a weekend hike or week long camping trip, ours combines the two and super-sizes them. One of my favorite and most genuine responses, especially from people who aren’t habituated to our idea of fun and relaxation, is “…and you do this on purpose?!” ‘As a mater of fact, yes’, is our reply. This is generally followed by a head wag and a verbal response of, “You people are crazy!”

Why as a matter of fact, I guess we are. If it’s like any of our other adventures, there’s bound to be a “train wreck” or two, and plenty of breathtaking scenery. So buckle up peeps, and break out the popcorn. It’s time for another 2moremiles adventure!

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19 Responses to And You Do That On Purpose?!

  1. Stephen Grane says:

    Can’t wait to hear from you on your new adventure. I’ll sit in my easy chair reading about your adventures and wishing I was 50 years younger and going with you Safe travels Stephen and Beth Ann

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  2. Hoping you have a fabulous time! Keep us up to date!

  3. Clifford Johnson says:

    Hi Dee / Paul, Let me know when you’ll be on Section 6 of the Colorado Trail. If I’m around Breck, I might be able to provide you with a bed, washing machine and craft beer tour of Summit County. Safe travels, Cliff

  4. Jennifer Rohles says:
    Super excited for you!
    Add me!

  5. Paul H Mills says:

    Good friends, safe travels. We’ll enjoy following your adventures on the CDT!

  6. Rosanna Lippe says:

    Yipeeeeeeee I’m in with you!!!!!!!!! :))

  7. Jan quinn says:

    Looking forward to your exciting updates. I envy the two of you. Have fun! Jan

  8. Larry Anderson says:

    good luck and have fun.—-Larry and Vic

  9. Lori Sanders says:

    Let us know about your next adventure maybe we will go with you now that Kent is retired. Look forward to skiing with you both this next coming winter. Would love to follow along your trip.

  10. Kathryn Burns says:

    So glad you are getting back on the trail. Your stairs training was no joke. Those hills/mountains will be a piece of cake!

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