Branching Out

It seems more and more that vlogs (video “blogs) are the “norm” , and outpacing the written word when chronicling travels and adventures.

Having majored in Communications, with an emphasis on film and video, (many many many moons ago) in college, one would think that would have been my original go-to medium. However, the ability to create travel films or videos some six years ago (when we did the PCT ), let alone two or three years ago, was extremely limiting and supremely daunting.

However, with the advent of the “smart phone” and their ridiculously powerful cameras, and corresponding video production apps, the “ease” and ability to create travel/adventure videos has increased substantially.

While this does not mean that making a meaningful, if not thoughtful, production is a “piece of cake”, it certainly has become significantly less time consuming…unless of course you’re a detail oriented perfectionist…then it takes a more concerted effort.

Here in lies my conundrum. I prefer the written word over video/film for the most part. I find that the written word lends itself to not only conveying more information, but also allows the reader an active role in digesting the information at their own pace. And, maybe even requires them to use a bit of their imagination.

But the lazy part of me, likes the “passive” participation of watching a video/film. I assume that I’m not the only one considering the plethora of videos out there. In fact, a friend of mine recently told me that they are “YouTube” vlog watchers…they don’t have “time” to read.

With that said, we are branching out into the vlogging world. Soon we will be heading out for another extended IKON-ic ski adventure. It is here that we will practice our vlogging. This, however, does NOT mean that I will stop writing. It just means that we (I) will be branching out a bit and adding some short videos as a supplement to the 2moremiles blog.

We have purchased a drone to expand and enhance our footage. We haven’t flown it just yet, as we are watching tutorials so that we have a better chance of NOT destroying it. No doubt we’ll have some mishaps, but then that’s what our Asurion Protection Insurance is for.

Recently, I created a short video about our latest trip to Mammoth Lakes, California over the New Year, with our friend Sandy (aka. “Pole Dancer” from our Half Dome adventure). I did it on a whim, as I figured I better start practicing.

Hope you enjoy it.

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17 Responses to Branching Out

  1. Paul H Mills says:

    Enjoyed the VLOG….nice beginning! 40

  2. Judy McDonald says:

    Loved your VLOG! Like all your clever writings as well. Saw Sandy!

  3. Debra Scott says:

    I enjoy your blog and think I saw you once on the beach trail near the SC pier. I’m 63 and a budding hiker, Upper Yosemite Falls and Lassen volcano ( all the way to the rocky top) in August 2020. Local hikes include trails at Cleveland Nat forest, Joshua Tree etc…
    My short term goal: hike Catalina, Zion et al. Long term: Whitney.
    I enjoy following your adventures. I can relate.
    Debra Scott, San Clemente

    • Debra, I’m sure we passed each other on the beach trail. We walk it regularly. It’s always good to set goals. It keeps one motivated. Catalina is a great hike. Early Spring I believe is the best…not so darn hot and dry. Whitney is terrifyingly worth it and amazing. Lassen Volcano and the rim of Mt. Saint Helens are on our list. At our age our foot is smashed on the “gas pedal”…move it or lose it.

  4. Rosanna says:

    Loved the video because I could SEE the scenery, but I REALLY love your words too because you paint GREAT word pictures in my imagination!!!!!!! I guess because I’m OLD, I still really love the written word.
    I love following you two, no matter how you present it!!!!
    Hugs to you both!!!!!!

  5. Mark Hussin says:

    Really enjoy reading your Blog. I have passed it on to many cool people I know who also enjoy reading about your travels…

  6. Jaunting Jan says:

    I’m definitely more of a reader than a passive watcher. I appreciate your ability to do both. I have limited bandwidth so streaming sucks.

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