CDT: Pinedale. Busy Neros

July 4-6, Day 16/17/18: (10+ miles)

FYI: The 4th of July is a separate post.

Pinedale Wyoming is an awesome little town. They have everything you need. All within walking distance, which is good because our only travel option was by foot. We walked everywhere, and nearly 5 miles a day, especially because our hotel happened to be at one end of the town, and most of the “shopping” was in the “middle” or at the opposite end of town.

As far as how the town was dealing with COVID-19, it was mixed. Most establishments were not concerned with their patrons wearing masks. However, we would ask each establishment, or look for a sign that said it required a mask, as to whether we donned a mask or not. For the most part, mask or not, everyone practiced social distancing. If keeping ones distance looked impossible, we’d avoid the store/area and/or return at another time. I actually like the social distancing, as I have never enjoyed being anywhere crowded with people.

We hit the Dollar Store, across from our hotel. We hit the Wind River Brewery, midway into town. We hit Los Cabos Mexican food (a must if you want good Mexican food).

Dave’s Last Stand, for an awesome burger. The full sized grocery store (across from Dave’s). Verizon for a new phone screen. A beauty salon, so Paul could get his haircut. The Great Outdoor Shop for a new filter for our Katadyn Hiker Pro, and a new ball cap for me.

Monday was the post office, both for receiving our resupply package and for mailing off resupply packages for our next three stops. We also had to secure a ride back to the trail head. The guys at the Great Outdoor Shop gave us a service to call, GOTCO. This would end up costing us $75. It didn’t matter how many people. It was $75. Reluctantly we scheduled the ride, as the thought of hitching back to the trail, on a Tuesday didn’t seem that appealing.

Four days off trail, left us a little tentative about starting up again. Uphill, with a full resupply is never fun. But when we think about it, most of what we’ve hiked so far seemed all uphill anyways. So, what’s the difference?

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