Pier to Summit to Pier Challenge

On my previous post Home Blazing, I had mentioned a local hike/route that we were devising. We have since completed the route and have dubbed it the San Clemente Pier to Summit to Pier Challenge, or for short, the San Clemente PSP Challenge.


BTW…we are soon headed to the CDT. Details to follow.

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7 Responses to Pier to Summit to Pier Challenge

  1. Kristi says:

    Fun watching, and amazingly I’m exhausted doing so. Best wishes with the CDT. Let us know if you’ll be attempting the Appalachia trail anytime soon (as R and I are not getting any younger. 😉) Would love to meet up with you somewhere along the way. Happy trekking! Love, K

    • Thanks. I included you(your email) in our daily “were not dead”…yet notifications. And mapshare, so you see where we are at on the trail. The AT, ideally is next year.

  2. Debra Scott says:

    Saw the article re: your hiking in sc times. Caught the hiking bug couple years ago…
    excited to follow your adventures.

  3. Lisa Grace says:

    Totally want to duplicate your pier to summit to pier hike – I see the video but can you provide attachment of your trail route that you show on the video?

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