A little backlogged

So I’m a little back logged with the posting of some adventures this past year. I have two more to finish writing up, and had hoped to post them before the end of the year, but alas I have been sidetracked once again. Recently, I went to watch my brother race his car (1968 Chevelle) at the Irwindale Dragstrip.img_20191222_153911797 and decided that rather than write about it, I would video it, mainly because I am trying out a video editor app for my phone, (PowerDirector, by Cyberlink, for Android), and am considering interspersing our blog with a Vlog or two when we set out on the Continental Divide Trail (CDT) in April of 2020.

Shooting the video clips was fun, but the production end of it was a whole other learning curve that sucked me down rabbit hole of perfection. So far, the sweat equity is a little excessive, in that we thought it might be “easier” than thumb pecking at the end of each days hiking, or adventure. Thus far, I have found that uploading to YouTube from my phone takes a bit longer with our crappy WiFi, so here’s that also. But it’s worth a try, and it’s about time that I apply the degree that I earned in college. Luckily, we (meaning mostly me) have some time to practice before we commit to straight Vlogging or more likely a combination of VLog and Blog, or continue just blogging. In any event, we’ll be posting a video (training) or two as we go.

So without further rambling, here’s the video I made of my brother’s recent race day. Let me know what you think. (I didn’t mean to post the video with this thmbnail look by my brother, but then this pays him back for when we were kids and he emptied my piggy bank…AND raided my coin collection… to buy a hamster!)

…Paul is researching drones now. Argh!

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4 Responses to A little backlogged

  1. Lee Graham says:

    Top of the learning curve is done! Great job Dee! I know more about drag racing now than I ever did. Soundtrack is rad. Your brother is cool. Lee Graham

  2. Paul H Mills says:

    Great video….much enjoyed! 6.35 seconds…Geez! Beautiful ride! Ahhh…to drive my ’67 Mustang just one more time!

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