Day 17: Life Coach


Life Coach

Day 17 (37.6 K = 23 miles)
Hontanas – Frómista

Today’s route was flat and uneventful.
We had a “big” climb out of Castrojeriz (a town we would have liked to have stayed in…they have a castle on a hill) to the top of Alto Mostelares (900m),
and down (of course) to a plateau of farm fields as far as the eye could see.   Today we travelled with music and sang poorly at the top of our lungs.  As we listened to Jake Bugg while  crossing a bridge, a cyclist came up behind us and asked (in an American accent) if we were playing country music.  From here the conversation took us into the next town for a bite of lunch and an icy cold beer to wash away the dusty hot road we have been traveling.  The cyclist, Doug, was from Colorado and on a “whim” decided to bike the Camino.  He is an accomplished mountain bikers, and a once successful financial advisor, turned “life coach”.  We talked of life and what defines happinesses and/or fulfillment.  We agreed that perception and contact with positive people are important ingredients for a happy, fulfilled, life.  Doug seemed to think we had our stuff together pretty well, as was generally impressed that we had been able to retire so “young”.  We told him that we have been blessed with good fortune.  After a leisurely lunch, we parted ways and wished each other Buen Camino.  We trudged onward in the heat, but the Camino saved the best for last as our last 6km were a feast for sore eyes and feet.
We were blessed with shade and a ribbon of water guided us to our afternoon’s destination.

Buen Camino!
Be Strong!  Austin Strong!

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