Day 152 – Whites Pass


Day 152:( 10 miles)
mile 2303 – 2313

We arrived at the White’s Pass Kracker Barrel store (that’s not a Cracker Barrel) at 8am sharp. It’s a small country store that serves some hot fried food and coffee with the variety of sandwiches. It’s also where we had mailed our resupply box, my new shoes, and our replacement tent from Big Agnes. Unfortunately, the tent had not arrived and it took a few hours to hunt down the tracking info and reroute the package and/or forward to our next resupply. Full of town food and coffee we donned rain gear to head out into the now pouring rain. We had planned to do 20 miles today and now we will be lucky to get 12 or 15 miles. The trail was wet but not muddy and the puddles were just beginning to show when we started.  We did not make nearly the miles we wanted to as the rain was relentless, so we finally succumbed to the wet and cold, and pitched our tent during a brief let up of the downpour.  Sopping wet and a little cold, we bed down and hope our shoes won’t be “that cold” tomorrow, and that we are rainless.

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1 Response to Day 152 – Whites Pass

  1. BeeKeeper says:

    I was at White Pass on the Tuesday after Labor Day weekend. Would have loved connecting.

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