Location Update

Turns out WiFi and 4G service from Verizon has gotten scarcer than we anticipated, and as such we are waaaay behind with our blog.  Suffice it to say, we are in Washington now with approximately 268 miles to go.  Expect a deluge of posts as we do our best to catch up.

One Speed and Just Paul

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1 Response to Location Update

  1. Larry Anderson says:

    Hey Paul, Vicki and I met you and a female hiking companion, your wife was injured, just as you were about to leave Idyllwild, Ca. and head up towards Suicide rock. We live in Winthrop and would love to host you guys for a night. Our Old Schoolhouse brewery has won many awards and we would love for you to be our guests for brews and food. Our phone number is 509-996-8202. Call us when you hit Stevens pass and give us your approximate time when you plan to cross Hiway 20. We will be waiting for you in the parking lot with cold beer. We have enjoyed following your blog. Looking forward to hearing the unedited stories. Larry and Vicki Anderson

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