Day 132 – Shelter Cove



Day 132: (26 miles)
mile 1887 – 1913

We walked with a bit of extra energy this morning because we were going to Shelter Cove where we can shower, do laundry, eat, and pick up our resupply package. Nothing gets a hiker moving faster than knowing food is involved…non rehydrated food. 


Flat stands of trees give way to lush green forest and crystal clear river.


We arrived in the early afternoon picked up our resupply box, and enjoyed a large hot dog and a beer.  Shelter Cove is on Odell Lake and is known as a Cabella’s Sportsman’s resort.  Many “nice fish” have been, and continue to be reeled in from this lake…trophy “nice fish”, to include salmon.  I watched as one gentleman cleaned and filleted some good size, rich, red, meaty fish.  Mouth watering, we considered trying to yogi a filet, but then realized we had no way to cook it.  Our original plan was to shower, do laundry, resupply and be gone in time to do some miles. Mother nature had other plans. The skies darkened as we showered and did our laundry.  Light rain began to fall as we went through our food.  No worries we thought, we have awesome rain gear, a tent and pack covers.  Then came distant rumbling.  The rumbling grew stronger and the skies opened up.  Still we were thinking it’s just rain and it will let up once this cell passes overhead.  “Crack” overhead shoots a thick lightning bolt and “BOOM” sounds the thunder.  Hmm, plan “B”?  Lighting strikes light up the hillsides across the lake, right were the trail lies.  Smoke billows from five different spots as the rain continues. 


We huddle on the enclosed deck of the Shelter Cove store with at least ten other thru-hikers.  Now the rain has turned to full deluge…the faucet is wide open.  We are glad we hadn’t initially planned on staying and set up our tent.  We are also glad, although Paul was a bit annoyed at the time, that I had taken so long to repack and ready my gear to start hiking out.  We still were thinking that once the cell passed we could still get in a few miles, then ” Fresh” pulled up the weather forecast.  It appeared that another cell was coming in near midnight, and included the possibility of lightning… too dangerous, we will have to stay put for the night.  The rain let’s up a bit and we quickly set and and bed down for the night…hoping it dries out by morning.

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