Day 126 – Tedium


Day 126: (20.2 miles)
mile 1774.2 – 1794.4

Today was really slow and uneventful. It seemed as if we were walking on a tread mill. The miles dragged on and on. Our main focus was making it to the next water source. We finally made it to our lunch break (hiker union break) and were joined by Butterfingers.  He was about 45 yrs. old and from Modesto, CA. We had the normal hiker questions (when did you start? How’s it been for you?  What did you do before thru-hiking?  Where’s your next resupply?…), and then we switched to current events…Israel, Where’s the Malaysian plane, the IRS scandal, etc… We were shocked when he said he never heard of the IRS Scandal, or who Lois Lerner was, “what’s that all about?”, he asked.  Seeing that he wasn’t retired, his “union break” was shorter than ours and continued on about 10 minutes later.  He also was anxious and excited to meet up with his wife at Fish Lake Resort.  After awhile we packed up as well and trudged on.  Do we get water at Summit Lake or walk a few more miles and see if Christie’s spring is still flowing.  We go for the “sure thing”, Summit Lake and discover that Oregon’s version of Summit Lake was very similar to California’s…shallow, swampy green, and teaming with water bugs.  Yea.  As we sat on a log filtering water, I noticed a couple of eyes staring out at us from inside the cracks in the log.  Tiny little frogs poked their heads out from the log each time we got up to get more water. It was almost cute, namely because it wasn’t a snake.  The water, once filtered was clear and sweet tasting which was a pleasant surprise as we are getting tired of having to add crystal light.  All watered up for the night and next morning we continued on.  The mosquitoes began to be relentless and we had to resort to applying bug spray (Bens 30% deet) as we were becoming nearly punch drunk from hitting ourselves in the face/head/neck.  When we came to the exit for Christie’s Spring, we figured it was only a short walk and why not check it out.  The notes from Guthook were correct on that there were lots of mosquitoes, but we had our chemical armor on and were unfazed by their advances.  The water on the other hand was flowing splendidly and icy cold.  Paul improved the flow by clearing out the sediment that had built up and re-damed the spring and created a spout for easier collection.  From there we collected another liter of cold water for our dinner drink.  2moremiles and we were done for the day.

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