Day 123 – Ashland zero #23


Day 123: (0 miles)

Today is filled with chores.  Our friend Mike and his daughter Delaney pick us up at Callahan’s after a hearty breakfast.  We have food shopping for our resupply, and a visit to the REI in Medford planned. Mike and Delaney plan on hiking with us to Crater Lake, so they must shop a bit as well.  Mike did the PCT in 1977, and wants to introduce his daughter to the trail.  Food shopping complete. Package mailed to Crater Lake, a new pair of shoes and a shirt for me,


as well as a fitting for a new pack (Osprey Exos 58) which I will order on-line and have sent to Crater Lake.  Now it is time to eat, but not before Mike introduces us to the supposively “icy cold sweetest tasting water in the world”, he says, of Lithia water.  We saddle up to the white porcelain fountains flowing freely in downtown Ashland.  Paul, Delaney and I all bend over and take a big gulp.  Holy shit, this is awful!  Effervescent, warm and salty.  Mike laughs hysterically.  I and his daughter punched him.  Game on.

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2 Responses to Day 123 – Ashland zero #23

  1. Jody Kummer says:

    I remember seeing that fountain when we were coming back from Bend and the homeless were filling up plastic bottles…

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