Day 122 – To the barn


Day 122: (19.5 miles)
mile 1707 – 1726.5

We survived the night, and awoke to a brilliant sunrise.  The fire across from us was still burning, bit slowly and hadn’t grown very much.  The sky is hazy with smoke.  It feels as though we are wearing  sunglasses with a thin film on them, but we have yet to put them on.  The air smells sweet from the rain as we start our descent to the I-5.  Wiffs of acrid smoke accent the air as we drop lower into where the smoke is beginning to settle. 



The trail parallels a a busy paved road, and across and on edges of private land extolling one not to trespass.  Before we get to the I-5 and into Callahan’s, where we will spend the night, we see a trail marker indicating the last stage coach traveled through here in 1886.  We find these markers and monuments remarkable as it reminds us of the history all around us and the hearty souls and supreme adventurers that have gone before us.  It reminds us that our hardships are nothing in comparison to theirs, thus whining about the trail, and things like blisters, pack rash, sore legs and feet, is short lived. 



We pass by an abandoned rail yard just before reaching the I-5. Old decaying railyard buildings and rails make us think how different this area was years ago. Once we arrive at Callahan’s we see our friend Donna (aka. Timber) who has reached her final destination for this section.  She got ahead of us when I had to sit out four days with Giardia.  After checking out the hiker room, we check in.  Luckily we had called ahead and apparently got one of the last rooms. 


We are just in time as the sky above Callahan’s looms ominously.  Timing is everything it seems on this trail with giant thunder heads. This place is fantastic.  King size bed, jacuzzi tub, a patio with rocking chairs, laundry facilities, and full length robes to wear whilst doing laundry and lounging on the patio.  We may never leave. Not!


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2 Responses to Day 122 – To the barn

  1. sandykos says:

    Have you seen my friend Dee, Paul is taking pictures of passerby’s but that can’t be Dee. Or is it? Dee we’re going to put you back in the goal, your lateral lunge will be remarkable!

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