Frog Spring


Today we hit 1300!

Day 97: (14.6 miles)
mile 1289.5 – 1304.1

We awoke to a debris field of people snoring loudly in their tents. 


One of the hikers, Soapbox awoke to green hair…and a nasty hangover we hear about later.  We meet up with Brenda Braaten at the rest stop across the bridge and retrieve our resupply box.  Belden Town is coming back to life, the music starts up again.  Zombies begin to stir. Today we will exceed 1300 miles and have a Big climb…in horrendous heat. This climb is further and higher than the climb to Whitney (minus the altitude).  We climb over 5000 feet in searing heat for 13 miles and call it a mile later at Frog Spring.  This spring was the best spring we’ve stopped at yet.  The water was ice cream headache cold. I soak my tired and swollen feet until they are frozen.  We have 3G service so I do my best to upload/update our blog.  Several deer walk by us on the trail and huff at us.  Paul tells them to move along, and we doze off after witnessing a colorful sunset, which we failed to capture successfully with the phone…sorry.

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2 Responses to Frog Spring

  1. Earl Williams says:

    I dont want to clutter up your blog with comments daily so just want you to know that I am drafting behind you and enjoying your stroll as much as any I have seen. You love life and enjoying what the trail has to offer. By this time tomorrow I will have read all of your hike reports from April to current. Take care and be safe.

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