Truckee: Zero #20

Day 88: (7 miles)

All our miles today were town walking, as we’d rather not shell out anymore cab fare monies if we don’t have to, and we were too impatience to wait for the bus. After our Continental breakfast at our hotel, the Truckee-Donner Lodge, and laundry we hoofed it to town which was about 2.5 miles from the lodge. 


Granite Chief Ski and Mountain Shop

Our first stop was Granite Chief Ski  Mountain Shop.  An hour or so later, Dee had a new rain shell (hers failed miserably) and a new pair of shoes.  The Merrill’s she had purchased in Mammoth were not working well for her and Granite Chief had Salomon shoes which she prefers.  She did not go back to the 4D boot, but went with the XA 3D trail runners, and is much happier.  While there we got to talking with John and Julie who were running the store about our thru-hike of the PCT. Neither of them thought we were PCT thru-hikers when we walked in the establishment.  I assume it was because we clean up so well.  As Dee was completing her purchase, Julie asked when we planned to get back on the trail.  I explained that we planned to be on the freeway on ramp tomorrow morning around 7am.  Julie then offered to give is a ride back to the trail the next morning, and would pick us up at our hotel.  No need to make the “back to trail” sign this afternoon.  We exchanged numbers and thanked Julie for her kindness, and for mailing Dee’s Merrill’s home for her and said we’d see her bright and early tomorrow.  Next onto the Safeway for food for the next 3 days and hopefully a new 2 liter platypus bag for our Sawyer Squeeze, as well as a igniter replacement for the JetBoil at the Ace Hardware store. No platypus, but they had the igniter replacement (hope it does the trick). Once food was purchased, and a Starbucks for Dee we headed back to our hotel…on foot, darn, but not before we stopped at Smokey’s Kitchen for some BBQ and a beer.  Both were excellent.  Once back at the hotel, it was jacuzzi and relaxation time cause packing and tomorrow morning is going to come all to soon.  Our stay in Truckee was a good one, most likely our last stay in a hotel for awhile, as we read that between here and Manning Park there are not many hotel zeroing options.  We’ll have to savor this stay.

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