Day 92


Day 92: (22.5 miles)
mile 1216.5 – 1239

In keeping with last night’s amazing sunset, this morning’s sunrise was nothing to sneeze at.  Today was to be a series of “rolling” ups and downs. 


We were treated to another fabulous spring at “A Tree” (at mile 1219.4) and set our sights on hopefully a swim in Duck Soup Pond.  We were hoping that if it’s called a lake and looks like a swamp that conversely, a pond called “Duck Soup” may actually be a pristine lake.  We were half right.  The water was “clear” but not swimable as it was fairly shallow and littered with logs and reeds surrounding the perimeter.  It was hotter than “a stack of black cats”, as one of our friends would have exclaimed.  (The term actually is supposed to be “hotter than a stack of blankets”, but she heard her this from her grandfather with a thick Long Island accent, as black cats, and it stuck). Being so hot, we had consumed most of our water and needed to refill, so Paul walked out onto a log partially submerged in the pond and collected water (which we filtered).  While we collected and filtered the water, it appears that the mosquitoes had sent a memo to the flies abdicating their responsibility to harass us.  The flies took up the charge, immune to our bug spray, but not to the hand (squish).  These things have teeth and will exact a pound of flesh if you let them.  We packed up, watered up, but not refreshed and moved on. Our goal was the stream near La Porte rd and then camp.  As we were coming to the road we spied two Styrofoam coolers and a two gallon jug of water.  Trail magic!…psych!  All empty, except for three hot dog buns.  We settle for hot dog buns.  It was fairly early when we got to the stream, (complete with a giant buck that ran off as we approached) so we decided we would go two more miles.  We did three miles before we found an acceptable place to camp. We made plans to make it to the Feather River, a well know swimming hole, by noon tomorrow. The heat is unbearable.

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5 Responses to Day 92

  1. Jody Kummer says:

    Totally get the fly comment, up at Twin Lakes by Bridgeport it was so hot and the fly’s and those flying vampires were hungry. I thought about you and how hot it must be in your hike… hike on my friends

  2. Carl Lifeguard San Clemente says:

    Just saw a funny article in my Backpacker magazine…good game for you two to play while hiking with nothing to say. (Can’t imagine that happening too often though.) Anyway, what do PCT thru hikers and 5 year olds have in common? You have already mentioned several of them in your blogs…so I had to chuckle.
    Think of it as a game you’d play on a road trip!!
    Hope all is well!!

  3. Marc says:

    It was good to meet you at the Bucks Lake FD Annual Pancake Breakfast – glad we could give you a lift to the summit. I wish we knew your were in our area earlier as would have liked to pick your brain about the JMT which I plan to hike next year. We also have a few bottles of Rafanelli in the cellar for weary hikers (re: photo from earlier post). I now realize these posts are typically a week or two behind. Thanks so much for the summary of your days on the trail, photos and gear tips. Best of luck to you on your journey to Canada!


    • I’m sure you can gleen a few what to do and not to do from our misadventures that will help you prep for the JMT. We’d be glad to answer any questions/concern that you have…and yes it would have been nice to raid your wine cellar

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