Desolation Wilderness


Tamarack Lake below where we camped

Day 85: (20 miles)
mile 1097 – 1117

Up with the mosquitoes, we began our trek which would take us past several lakes.  Aloha was the first, and just before Aloha we passed the 1100 mile mark…almost halfway!



Lake Aloha

Most people camp here and this morning was no exception.  Tents clustered together lakeside with food bags hung in available trees like piñata for possible bears.  This sight made us chuckle.  The lake level was higher than last year…not by much, and the mosquitoes were just as active. 


Where we "bathed" last year

The next lake was Susie Lake, and where last year we took a break on a side stream/pool/waterfall that drained off the lake when we did the Tahoe Rim Trail.  The lake was just as pristine, but the water was considerably cooler.  From there, we focused on Dick’s Pass. The year before it kicked our butts, the ascent and descent.  Not so much this time, in fact we walked up the pass practically without stopping.  Could we be in hiker shape?  Down the pass we trod toward Dick’s Lake and my personal favorite, Fontanillis lake.  Near Fontanillis we met an older gentleman who was familiar with the PCT and was visiting Fontanillis lake reliving memories of spending time with his son’s in their younger years at that lake.  If his sons could see how his face and total countenance lit up as he told us of his outings with them, I think his sons would make it a point to share this experience with their father and join him on his hikes to this lake.  Our original goal was to see if we could push and make it to Richards Lake, but our feet gave out at 19 miles of the 23.  Compared to last years mileage (10 miles), I think we did pretty good.

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