Carson Pass


Paul with Carson Pass Volunteers

Day 82: (7 miles)
mile 1071.67 – 1078.6

On our way to Carson Pass this morning. We are excited because the ranger visitor station has a PCT register and we can see who/where other hikers are on the trail. So off we go and over the pass. A couple of climbs and switchbacks with great views of dark blue lakes. As we descend the last two miles we encountered several day hikers who look so clean and smell so fresh. They are chipper and all smiles as they walk their first mile. We can only  wonder what they think of these two dirty smelly hikers. We say hello as we pass and are proud of how we got this way. Hikers refer to this condition as “hiker trash”. We are probably  the cleaner hiker trash out here. Some hikers look like they have been on the trail forever and pride themselves on that look too. When we reached the Ranger Station, we are greeted by a wonderful volunteer staff. They are all very cheerful, enthusiastic,  and helpful. We sign into the register and look for hikers who we’ve hiked with the past 1,078 miles. We see Gear Slut 5 days ahead, Atlas 7days ahead, Spirit 10 days ahead, Ally and Thayer  ( now Alpaca and Yukon)14 days ahead. We won’t catch these guys unless something crazy happens, but it’s nice  to know that they’re still on the trail.  The volunteer staff served us cake, fresh fruit, and cokes. Awesome! Inside the register we  found an envelope addressed  to “2moremiles”. A retired friend from CA. State Parks who lives in the area wants us to call him and his wife for some trail angel magic. Carl and Dori offer us a shower, laundry, dinner, and room we can’t refuse! We relax for about an hour until Dori arrives. Dori is an active day hiker in the local area who gives us a run down of the local trails as she drives. She has also done many multi-day trips locally  and far outside the area. We share hiking stories as we travel through some amazing country to their home.  When we arrive at their house we are afforded our own ” house” complete with laundry and an awesome shower.  We do our best to get ourselves and clothes clean, both of which seem exceptionally dusty/dirty.  Once presentable and stench free we join Dori and Carl for a wonderful evening complete with a tri-tip dinner and fine wine.


Per Carl, this wine is only available in high end restaurants

Carl is quite the wine connoisseur and works at a few local wineries come harvest and bottling season.  We talk past hiker midnight and then retire to a wonderfully comfortable bed.

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10 Responses to Carson Pass

  1. Rosanna Lippe says:

    Oh, I am SOOOO HAPPY that you were able to meet up with Carl and Dori. They are good friends of mine and we live very close. It makes us feel close to you!!!!!! I’ll be seeing Dori tomorrow!!!! Safe Travels!!!!!!!

  2. SMSA (Sister Mary...) says:

    Doctor tomorrow as my thumb has decided today to part with half. When will you be at Exho

    • Tomorrow evening or mid morning Tues. Just getting back on at Carson pass

      • SMSA says:

        Well, coral. I see you’re already half way to Donner. No problem. I was packed and ready then my thumb fell apart–literally. Call me when you get to Donner so I can coordinate with you. Still no idea where my rod and reel are….

      • Figured your thumb gave you the finger. I’ll call when we get to Donner/soda springs as were gonna resupply in Truckee

  3. sandykos says:

    Dark crimson in color. 14.6% ABV. Aromas of red fruits, pepper and vanilla. Spicy on the palate with medium body and acidity. Flavors of boysenberry, raspberry and plums. The wine seems to pick up some weight with a little time in the glass. Dry Creek Valley Zinfandel at its finest. Drink over the next 1-3 years. Something to reflect on and discuss until your next opportunity of a fine varietal 😀

  4. Judy McDonald says:

    Judy and Jerry McDonald here. We are Heather O’Gorman’s parents. We have enjoyed reading all your post. You two are a true inspiration. Keep trekking!

  5. Jody Kummer says:

    Never understood people who would rather give up an shower and clean clothes for the honor of smelling bad to prove a point..

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