No Jim


Day 80: (20 miles)
mile 1032.5 – 1052.5

Nothing much to report with the exception that the trail was fairly easy on our feet, thus the 20 miles. 


We were hoping to hook up with our friend Jim who has a place in Markleyville, but we were unable to connect.  Our best guess was this was the week or so that Jim was on his own backpacking trip.  He is an avid backpacker and leant us two of his bear canister collection.  He is known for his gourmet cooking both on and off the trail.  He’s been known to hike in supply goodies and adult beverages (champagne, lapu lapus, beer) before his big trips to ensure he and his friends are living large regardless of where in the wilderness you are.  We rested at Hwy 4 for a bit…just in case for some reason he drove by (stranger things have happened) and then began our last part of the day adding a few more miles.  We settled on Upper Kinney Lake.

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2 Responses to No Jim

  1. Linda Ottey says:

    I live in Gardnerville,nv/Lake Tahoe So.Shore area close to Ebbett’s Pass – would love to pick you up on Hwy 4, Blue Lakes Rd, Carson Pass (88) or Echo Summit (50) – phone (775)781-0878)
    Happy Trails,
    Linda Ottey

    • Linda, thanks for the offer. We were well fed and cared for by friends of ours who live locally and had picked us up at Carson Pass before your offer arrived. Thank you so much for your kind offer. Had our friends not been in town we would have surely given you a call.

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