Late start


Day 27: (Nero, 10 miles)
mile 342 – 352 /  ft – 5401 ft

After attending our daughter’s event at her college, we headed back to the trail, of course not without going out to an early dinner with our kids at CPK (California Pizza Kitchen).  Our son dropped us at the trail and off we went to get some miles in before the sun went down.  As we started up the trail and our son went to drive off, Paul yelled back to our son, “Caanaaadaaa!” In all actuality we walked well into the night as it was “warm” and we weren’t tired yet.  We ran into, actually he passed us…(most hikers do), “Gringo” from Florida. He was a professional tennis player years ago.  We hiked till nearly hiker midnight (9pm) and cowboy camped in the turnout of an old dirt road.  We could see the lights of “civilization” below us off in the distance.


We are late on our blog updates as our phone decided to go into a “coma” and we couldn’t get it working till we got to a Verizon store (corporate). But we’re back online and will be updating over the next two days.

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