1/27th complete


Just a quick update with LOTS more to follow late Saturday as we will Nero and Zero at home.  We passed mile 100 and have made it to Barrel Springs. As such we figure based on accumulative PCT trail length, to include additional miles for walks into town and when we miss the trail and have to walk back to it or bushwack toward it (already did that in the snow…story to follow tomorrow) that adds another 50+ miles to make it an even 2700. Thus we are 1/27th done. Booya!  A quick primer for today with more to follow tomorrow and again on Sunday.  Today was a 21 miler, and wonderfully overcast from just 2 miles past scissors crossing.  We head to Warner Springs at the crack of dawn…maybe not exactly the crack of dawn but more like when we wake up and have our coffee… for our ride home tomorrow. A resupply, a little clean up…Jacuzzi and a trip to REI for some stuff…new gaiters and a warmer sleeping bag for Dee.  We will also try and figure out how to better use our whizbang camera so we can take some cool nighttime photos, and better, not so washed out, daytime ones as well.  We realize this post is a little dry, but then so was today.  Our egress from Mt. Laguna…NOT dry in way, shape, or form.  Only photos and the full story will suffice.  Now if we could just get these damn frogs to shut up and the military helicopters to go home…maybe we could get some much needed sleep…oh wait Paul’s already out.  Come on ear plugs!

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5 Responses to 1/27th complete

  1. Josh says:

    Hahahaah military helicopters ….. 😉

  2. Josh says:

    I’ll drop you a resupply box next time 🙂

  3. Greg Hanson says:

    Just found your blog through the PCTA Facebook page and I’m enjoying it so far. Hiking the PCT is a goal I’ve had but not acted on for over 20 years now, so I’m using your adventures as motivation to get cracking. I don’t intend to thru-hike (although who knows what the future may bring…), but I’m hitting 50 this year and realized I likely have fewer years ahead of me than behind to accomplish this goal. Good luck from a fellow SD County resident!

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