One last check


So this is what we have so far. We’re pretty sure we will jetison some things as we go and or add some things. It appears it will rain on us and possibly snow…go figure.  Ironically we are watching Frozen tonight.  Not sure there’ll be much sleep as tomorrow will come all too soon in the first of many early morning starts.  Once at the monument and the obligatory photo op, we’ll sign the registry before we begin the first of over 2600 miles…2 miles at a time.  We’ll try and post everyday as to our progress and our adventures (depending on cell service and how tired we are). 

Many thanks to our friends who have tried to “fatten” us up before our departure…last meal(s)? …and to those who have offered kind words of encouragement. We’re as ready as we’re going to be.  Here goes nothin.

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6 Responses to One last check

  1. Mandi BEAUMONT says:

    Good Luck and happy trails!!!! Stay safe and looking forward to updates when you can!!! Take care!

  2. Janet White says:

    Best of luck to you.

  3. Ken & Vicki Kramer says:

    The GRAND adventure begins! Have FUN, be SAFE, and enjoy the ride of a lifetime…… We are cheering you on (from the darn couch mostly)

  4. Josh says:

    Good luck! We’ll be following y’all!

  5. Kathryn says:

    Congrats on starting your trek! We are enjoying the blog and we look forward to following your trip. Take care and stay warm!!!!!!!

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